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Ziyu Zhuang

In the era of information explosion and with the rapid development of digital social platforms, people are gradually immersed in the digital world and ignoring the importance of emotional bonds with close and loved ones. During the self-exploration process in GID, I was drawn to help people regain their initiative in enhancing their humanity and take actions on enhancing their relationships with the aid of designed tools. My projects focused broadly on not only intimate relationships such as family relationships but also relationships between strangers. I wish that my designs could reawaken people’s longings for connection and subsequently help them build their social networking. GID is the platform which help me find my vision and arouse my ambition on tackling global issues. During the journey, I broadened my horizon by working with people from various backgrounds, and developed my insights for more types of designs (service design, interaction design, etc.). Accordingly, I also developed several design techniques such as programming. These help me with better working efficiencies in terms of time and task management, communication and persuasion, design implementation.