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Ziqq  Rafit

In an ever-growing complex yet fragile world we live in today, it is imperative for designers, innovators, creators – humans, to consider their impact on this world. To approach such an environment requires the ability to see and navigate through all the complexities with precision and care. To do that, I believe that we would require a set of ever-expanding tools, lens, an arsenal of methods that cuts across disciplines and industry. Connecting the dots with intelligence and making sense of the world to build insights that inform how we could shape the world. Gone are the days of the one-man star designer, because it takes more than a village to design our world.


A lens that is emerging and growing in importance in our practice today, is the ethical lens. My time in GID has been focused on design education and design ethics. I am currently exploring interventions of design ethics at three levels; intrapersonal, group and system level. I hope to be able to propose interventions at each level, exploring different mediums, from frameworks, strategy to tangible interventions/methods to achieve a sustainable outcome.


My current work takes up the form of a provocative card game, diegetic prototype of an ethical lens, a design ethics chatbot, to something more serious like frameworks and a design ethics worksheet to empower designers to have the language to open up conversations around design ethics.