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Sophie  Horrocks

The design of our world has the power to enable or disable all of us.


Now, more than ever before, I believe it is paramount to understand how our experiences and environments can be designed intuitively and inclusively, to strive for and sustain a better quality of life which benefits human health and wellbeing.


An inclusive future is one that not only acknowledges but celebrates the world’s diversity. GID itself is a melting pot of diverse people, skills and opportunities. I came to GID to understand how to combine my interest in neuropsychology with my skills as a designer, in order to create more impactful design solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.


The course has equipped me with the tools, adeptness and network to help me fuse, what felt like divergent goals, into a clear vision. Working across three continents has allowed my outlook to evolve with a growing empathy towards local cultures and an acknowledgment of human universals to synthesise research, design and technology for global impact.


The past two years has allowed me to listen, learn and engage with a range of voices, speaking from all corners of the world; all of whom I believe design can create life changing benefits for. GID has not only redefined me as a designer but established a new chapter of my design career where I see inclusive design as the quintessence to a better world.