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Shiv-Rani  Mistry

Unpredictability, uncertainty and changeability. GID is a course that places you outside your comfort zone often leaving you feeling vulnerable… the trick is not to let this push you down but to take this as an opportunity to grow. If we were comfortable with everything we do, then we’ll never grow. I was comfortable, I wanted to grow, I pursued GID.


GID exposed me to tools to empathise. Experience maps, empathy maps, user archetypes, and future worlds. The course has re-wired my brain to look at problems differently, provided different methodologies that I can utilise, and open my mind as to what a ‘solution’ really is.


In my opinion, the highlights and lowlights of GID are interlinked. My GID journey encountered various “Eureka” moments, moments when I finally understood how to approach difficult circumstances, undefined problems and unfamiliar global contexts.