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Paris-Anne  O’Shea

What did you want to be when you grew up?

What factors influenced your answer?

Childrens’ ambitions are constrained by their families, schools and communities. You can’t be what you can’t see.

1 in 4 children growing up in poverty feel like ‘people like them don’t succeed in life’. 5 times more than children from affluent backgrounds. The current purpose of education is to increase employability. But not all careers are created equal. The type of employment we prepare children from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue perpetuates the poverty cycle.

What if we reimagined education? What if education was the fundamental piece in the puzzle that bridged the inequalities children were born into? What if education inspired all children? Imagine an education system that empowers children to develop the critical and creative thinking required to determine their own learning paths. It is possible. Collectively. If students, teachers, parents, communities and governments promote self knowledge, confidence, ambition and resilience to disrupt the things we learn and the way we learn them. Everyone is born different, so why is education so rigid in its approach. We all know the children that ‘hate school’, the school leavers without the privilege to discover what they would like to do, the adults that are ‘not smart’. I want to help them to dream bigger but more importantly become bigger than the statistics that define them.