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Paintree Case

by Xinyu Wang


“Paintree case” is a stationary design as an experimental starting point, which I am trying to create a hole of nature wonderland, where to show “returning to nature” awareness inside children’s daily life for their nature education and start a nature journey with children!


Background: Nowadays, an increasing number of people have realized a dilemma when they teach the tacit knowledge of nature to the younger generation. For example, although children have full acknowledge of the color Yellow, they are unable to give a clear and concrete definition of it.


The problem is that if children are not actively exposed to the facts and phenomena frequently, will lead to their lack of pleasure in exploring knowledge in nature, accordingly, this enthusiasm will gradually disappear, which can also be called the extinction of kids’ curiosity.


Experiment: A method of painting is a natural growth out of a need:


The raw material could be a specific type of representative trees from a certain place, with its texture, colour and smell, with its memory. During the period that children play with the painting tools, they would have a self-definition of nature mainly through physical experience.


To finally bring children who have “lost their way” in the city back to nature and inspire their love to nature.


See LIVE at the Royal College of Art WiP 2021