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by Haorong Chen


Human feelings are comprehensive and hard to capture. With Moodout, a set of emotional ornaments, the user is encouraged to perceive, express and share emotions effortlessly in daily life.


People’s ability to feel emotions (level of emotional granularity) actually varies, and the process of expressing emotions could be useful in helping users to understand their own emotions and hence deal with them better.


Emotion as an abstract feeling is depicted by different colours and shapes in different cultures. In this project, the designers experimented to generalise people’s feelings and perceptions of shapes and colours related to emotions, and then presented them figuratively.


By creating a set of ornaments that can be worn on a daily basis, it helps users to be more active in feeling their emotions and sharing them with those around them to create a positive atmosphere for communicating their feelings.


See LIVE at the Royal College of Art WiP 2021