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Mission Rings

by Millicent Wong


Inspired by the study-/ work-from-home situation and my experience with online classes, I have identified the issue of digital fatigue, partly due to the loss of ‘surprise’ and ‘unexpected moments’ in a digital environment, where transitions between each call or interaction are seemingly blurred.


This has led me to researching into the notion of serendipity, which in turn became an experiment where I played around with randomised calls with friends throughout one week to gather feedback on the mechanism.


As a result, I have created Mission Ring as an app which sparks and facilitates serendipitous interactions in a digital space as much of spontaneous communication has been lost compared to being in a physical environment.


Mission Rings ultimately aims to break monotony and reimagine online interactions through sparking serendipitous interactions between you and your friends through playful missions.


See LIVE at the Royal College of Art WiP 2021