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Memorable Artefacts

by Maraid McEwan


An expressive therapy tool for domestic violence victims on their journey through therapy.


Domestic violence rose exponentially in the New York City area during COVID 19.This project addressed the decrease in art and expressive therapy outlets for survivors. Created in collaboration with art therapists in Brooklyn; Crystal Chen.


Memorable Artefacts presents a set of shapes that attempt to encompass the feelings of domestic abuse trauma, and recovery. It allows users to better communicate emotions through attachment to transitional objects, whilst homing them in a memorable and safe vessel to reflect on.


The Shapes are designed to include smooth, rigid, angular and fluid motions. These can encapsulate many feelings.


The Artefact comprises the plate, vessel and top. All correspond to different practices used by art therapists. Two layers of acrylic are used to create anticipation and a revealing element in the therapy journey.


The Journal includes the process of weekly check ins with the therapist. The journal acts as a way to reflect on the process.


At the end, each user is left with a memorable artefact of their journey, which can be edited over time.


See LIVE at the Royal College of Art WiP 2021