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Malvika Bhasin

Global Innovation Design – these words explain very little, and that is exactly how boundless the program is. Action without intention is meaningless, and intention without action is impactless. It is the sweet spot combining the two where value is added through design. And identifying this is amongst my innumerous learning’s from this program. The experience of living in three countries widened my understanding of humans, cultures and the extent of disciplines integrated within design. While the world defines a designer as resilient and adaptable, a crucial factor I developed is courage. The courage to leap into a difficult topic and enjoy everything it comes it. The courage listens attentively yet look beyond what people say, sometimes they don’t know what they want or need. And the courage to trust every step of the way without knowing where the destination leads. GID is a cauldron of opportunities facilitating growth. It is so much more than an academic program teaching design skills. I observed myself evolving as an individual, and therefore as a designer. Completing this program, I find myself passionate about creating meaningful and enjoyable experiences, enthusiastic about using design to create an impact and optimistic about the role of mindful design in shaping a better future.