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Laurenz Reichl

For me, the key to being a good designer lies not in a feeling for aesthetics, mad photoshop skills, or picking the right font. For me, what distinguishes a good designer is the ability to come up with elegant, aesthetic solutions to problems. They might be photoshop- or typography problems, but anyone who consciously reflects and modifies their environment – from rearranging their desk to tackling climate change – is a designer. Design being a tool to solve problems makes the Global Innovation Designer the Swiss Army Knife to solve problems. In this course we’ve been given the unique opportunity to throw our all at any and all problems out there, and now, suddenly we are out there in a real that turns out to be even less structured than GID itself. It’s tough to pick a place to start in a world full of socioeconomic problems, ecological crisis, and global pandemics. But then again, there’s a growing number of us, and not only us. I guess there’s a fair chance that the world is on a slippery slope into deep s**t. But then again, there are the fantastic people I have met throughout the past years, there are people with mad photoshop skills arranging their desk and people who picking the right font for a global climate-awareness-campain, there are designers all around the world, and I put my hopes on us to solve the problems we face, bit by bit.