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Johannes  Mutter

1.) The future of design is »crisis design«. The COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis are a chance but also a necessity to redesign everything: Remote work 👩‍💻, walkable inclusive cities 🌳 and zero-waste economies are just a few concepts that a new generation of designers need to explore deep and wide.


2.) The future of design is »system design«. Mapping all causes and effects of both solutions and problems at least five levels deep will be crucial for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals globally. Any design intervention needs to respect and preserve this delicate balance of our planet. Sometimes the answer is »No Design«.


3.) The future of design is »redesign« ♻️. There are two quotes from an early lecture in GID that have become personal guiding principles: »All Design is Redesign« and »Everything is a remix«. Both reflect what neuroscientists say about creativity in the brain and debunk the myth of »creatio ex nihilo«. Conscious and unconscious we remix, reuse and redesign the work of genius minds around us. When we claim something to be original, we often just forgot our inspiration. Being able to trace back your inspiration is a powerful method for filtering quality sources. GID was such a diverse quality source.


Thanks for following my thoughts. There are many more futures of design. Share yours. But before you leave, here’s another quote from Schopenhauer: »To read in every spare moment, and to read constantly, is paralysing to the mind«. So stop reading and start thinking. You can follow me on Twitter and join my movement »Fridays for Innovation«.