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Imran  Nazerali

I have many thoughts on the world as it stands today, but the most relevant would be the growing realisation in society about the impact we are witnessing unfold around global environments, global societal change, and global health. All influenced a result of our individual and collective actions. As designers, we are in the age of conscious design, we should and must understand the impact of our work and how it needs to adapt and evolve with exponentially changing times in a non-linear way. We’re learning that inclusivity isn’t a nice-to-have add-on, it is a foundational decision that must be approached through co-creation by involving the people our designs affect from the very beginning. We’re also well aware that real innovation doesn’t come from one person alone in a studio, rather, it emerges from an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving through the sharing of diverse mindsets and disciplines. GID helped me to delve deeper into those realisations by putting me in life-changing experiences that exposed me to different schools of thought and challenging the boundaries of what I, alongside others could create. Guided by curiosity and empathy, I gained the confidence to know I can impact global communities for the better and frame change in a way that motivates others to co-design and become part of the vision. Making change tangible by collaborating on ideas was certainly a big part of the journey, however, the biggest part of the journey for me was being part of a family (which is what it truly felt like for me, as cliché as that sounds) which meant my growth felt organic and real.