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Gabrielle  Tanneau

I create experiences. Better experiences. Educative experiences. Playful experiences, context-led experiences or empowering experiences. Life is a series of experiences. I personally value experiences more than belongings. I observe how people see, feel, explore and act. I use perspective-taking to shift my mindset and understand how people experience the world. I find the gaps and flaws and turn them into opportunities, aiming for enhanced experiences. I also believe education is the most powerful tool ever created. I value individual talents as I see everyone as a genius and believe, with the adequate tools and support, everyone could thrive in their own ways. Therefore, my work consists of an exploration of various manners to combine design processes to education in order to create educative experiences. As I lived in and engaged with people from many different countries, I love working in multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural teams since they lead to unexpected directions.