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by Harika Adivikolanu


Footsteps, is an exploration of space and how we can decouple the human experience with our over-dependence of screens. 


This reimagined museum experience allows users to practice being more present in the moment by replacing their phones with a non-intrusive wearable device. Ultimately assisting people to become more self-aware of their movements, habits, interests and behaviours.


The wristband acts as a medium for cultivating attention and awareness in how people might move through an exhibition space as new or returning members. The wristband does this silently and unobtrusively, activating only when necessary.


At the end, visitors’ journeys are accessible online from the comfort of their homes where they can view a personalized exhibition collection and see changes over multiple visits, compare paths with friends and revisit artwork as they would a photo.


Museums can make this more immersive by adding elements of ambiance  into interactive 360 degree images of artwork like: natural lighting from windows, exhibit lighting, the sound of crowds, and the curated exhibit sounds. This can change based on museum layout, outdoor events, wildlife sites, life size animated models and other special needs.


Designing and adapting spaces not only for the human, but the technology we carry can help us create digital interactivity in unobtrusive ways.


See LIVE at the Royal College of Art WiP 2021