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Fernanda  Dobal

GID can be summed up as a vacation away from your comfort zone. We wrestled with big concepts and tried not to be swallowed by them as we came up with concrete design ideas to bring some positive change to the world. Sometimes we were successful and gifted a sense of wonder, and other times we took comfort in each other while battling a sense of being overwhelmed. There was a lot of learning through experimentation and immersion, but also much that was learned in retrospect, upon graduating and joining the wider world.


Global Innovation Design students are attuned to the massive push and pull of global forces, to how things never exist in silos, and how systems often have their own logic and agendas.


In 2020, it feels as though the rest of the world is catching up with some of these notions. A pandemic ignores borders and social movements challenge entrenched systems of oppression. Meanwhile, climate change still demands to be addressed. If there was ever a time for a global lens to be combined with the momentum of innovation and the tangibility of design, it is now.