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by Grishma Bhanderi


The Korean culture symbolises confucian principles that defines the ethnicity through different mediums and practices. The main stream medium through which the culture is most profoundly portrayed is the entertainment industry, the Korean pop culture has greatly famed all over the world, as many aspire and connect with their music and culture. The collectibles culture is one of the most significant facet through which fans from around the world show love and support for their favourite artist. The collectibles evoke emotion that the fans can resonate with and express themselves. These objects are especially significant when their favourite artists start to move towards disbandment. These objects are the memorabilia the fans can cherish.


HMW help fans stay connected and engaged with their favourite groups beyond their time?


I created DOTS, a collectible that focuses on extending the experience of music consumption. A concept that will enhance the value of collectibles through playful interactions.


See LIVE at the Royal College of Art WiP 2021