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Chiara Treglia

Chiara Treglia

When I joined GID I walked in with a plan to become a “master” in a specific design domain. What a fool! If anything, I have become a “master” in letting go of preconceptions. A master in letting my mind be blown at every interaction with the humans I met on my journey, in London, in Japan and in New York. All I planned to become seemed laughable in the end. And I could not be more grateful for this.

Ultimately, this is why I think GIDers are extremely well equipped to navigate the complexity of today and tomorrow. The world is a beautifly unpredictable place. This program makes the grads experience this unpredictability on their own skin for two full years. Yet, it teaches them that there are things that they have agency on, that they can have an impact on if they choose to. So this is the great – and in my opinion, the best – conundrum that each GIDer is faced with: Will you learn how to cope with extreme uncertainty while bringing about the change you want to see in the world?