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Breach – hero
2-Breach-big data


by Christian Pugsley


Our world is run by data – data that drives innovation and change at a global scale and defines our individual lives everyday. But for something so integral to modern society, hardly anyone seems to understand what “data” even is.


Breach is a card game modeled after real world systems and scenarios involving your data,  privacy, and situations that you may have to confront in today’s digital world, if you haven’t already. Designed to pit friends and family against each other in (mostly) friendly competition, players begin by submitting a secret, or “collateral”, on the Breach mobile app. Once the collateral is secured, playing order is randomly assigned–with one player assigned to play the System, and gameplay begins. Each player’s objective is to protect their data from the System, and survive until the time runs out.


When the timer ends, the game is over. Those who manage to survive have the right to their privacy and their collateral is erased–those who don’t have their secret automatically read aloud to everyone present.


Personal data is a catalog of your day-to-day actions, recorded and analyzed by companies you may (or may not) trust, which can be exchanged or sold to anyone interested. Breach was created to shed light on the consequences of those complex transactions, with the hope that as we learn about today’s systems we can start to build healthy relationships with our technology, and begin to trust in those systems we can’t see.


If we can cultivate a transparent, mutual understanding with the apps we use on a daily basis, we’ll build a healthier data future for ourselves, enabling a world where data-driven innovation and improvement can truly flourish worldwide.


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