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Axel  Pietschker

I am interested in sustainability and how Traditional Ecological Knowledge can benefit and inform our future relationship with nature. Inspired and informed by the notion of working with and in the elements, my work questions modern society’s perception of nature and seeks to explore different modalities in re-assessing/elevating our relationship with the environment. Underpinned by Ecological philosophy and the concept of interconnectedness, my work focuses on the repositioning of nature from a mere commodity to a collaborator, harnessing and building on nature’s self-perpetuating ability.


The increasing level of emotional alienation between these entities led me to investigate human’s sensory array as a pathway to reconnect with the natural environment through ‘Sensory Augmentation’. Exposed to predominately optic and audio signals, my work focuses on the sense of scent as an understated medium in our sensory arsenal and the development of potential application in the physical realm based on smell.